Balance and Connection: An Interview with Conny Jasper

This post features the multitalented Conny Jasper, visual artist, personal coach, public speaker, and yoga instructor! I had the privilege of speaking with Conny to learn more about her work and what’s going on in her life.

Conny Jasper

IP: What is your artistic background? Have you taken classes in photography and painting?

I have been an artist all my life. I love to create in many different ways. After high school, my first profession was silversmithing and jewelry making. I also studied art in college, and my studies included design, painting, and photography. I am a professional writer as well.

Pheasant Back by Conny Jasper

IP: What are the strongest artistic/cultural influences on your work?

There are many and diverse influences on my work. I particularly love nature, abstract patterns, and spiritual and cultural symbolism. There is a timelessness and transcendence to them. My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Dali, Bosch, and Klimt, as they convey both expansive and whimsical expressions.

Infinity by Conny Jasper

IP: You are also a personal coach, speaker, and yoga instructor. How does this inform your artwork?

One of my greatest passions is helping other people, and I use my art to do that. Images are an important part of life and impact our physical and mental health. Because I want to help people to live healthy lives, I choose images that promote wellness. Many artists like to focus on shocking and disturbing images in order to make a statement. But I think those images only perpetuate the very thing that is being protested.

Water and Moss by Conny Jasper

IP: What do you want to communicate to your viewers through your artwork?

I seek to communicate a sense of balance and connectedness. There is more to life than a job, a car, a house, and a vacation. We are meant to do so much more than that. Balance and connectedness can help us to expand our awareness and sense of being alive in the world. I want to promote human evolution and do it in a highly creative way.

The Gesture by Conny Jasper

IP: What artistic plans do you have for the near future?

I am expanding my repertoire to create a holistic and comprehensive gallery of offerings. In terms of business, I plan to continue promoting my work, updating my website, and, at some point, offering my wares at fairs, festivals, and markets. I have big plans! Stay tuned!

IP: Well, Conny, that all sounds very exciting! I wish you all the best!

You can contact Conny and learn more about her work through the links below.