Reflecting on 2020

Happy holidays, dear friends! I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the strange, uncertain art world of 2020.

The Blue Hat, (c) JoAnn Telemdschinow

There is no question that 2020 has been a very challenging year for creatives like myself. The coronavirus forced the cancellation of most art exhibitions and vending events. No chance to meet people who want to see and possible purchase my artwork. But fortunately, technology was able to lend a helping hand. I was very fortunate to take part in several virtual exhibitions, such as those by the Galerie Westerhoff, Art All Night Trenton, and the New Jersey State Bar Foundation. And through the power of social media like Facebook and Instagram, I’ve still been able to share my artwork with others and even make a few sales.

Russian Landscape, (c) JoAnn Telemdschinow

I want to express my gratitude to everyone who has supported me this year, whether by viewing my artwork, purchasing a print or art gift, or even sharing comments on my work. Your interest and encouragement mean more than I can express, and spur me to continue my creative journey!

Just as nature restores and regenerates herself during these quiet winter months, I hope that we are all preparing ourselves for a period of rebirth and growth in the coming year.

Spirit of Winter, (c) JoAnn Telemdschinow

Thank you, friends! Wishing you health, abundance, and happiness for 2021!

Balance and Connection: An Interview with Conny Jasper

This post features the multitalented Conny Jasper, visual artist, personal coach, public speaker, and yoga instructor! I had the privilege of speaking with Conny to learn more about her work and what’s going on in her life.

Conny Jasper

IP: What is your artistic background? Have you taken classes in photography and painting?

I have been an artist all my life. I love to create in many different ways. After high school, my first profession was silversmithing and jewelry making. I also studied art in college, and my studies included design, painting, and photography. I am a professional writer as well.

Pheasant Back by Conny Jasper

IP: What are the strongest artistic/cultural influences on your work?

There are many and diverse influences on my work. I particularly love nature, abstract patterns, and spiritual and cultural symbolism. There is a timelessness and transcendence to them. My favorite artists are Van Gogh, Dali, Bosch, and Klimt, as they convey both expansive and whimsical expressions.

Infinity by Conny Jasper

IP: You are also a personal coach, speaker, and yoga instructor. How does this inform your artwork?

One of my greatest passions is helping other people, and I use my art to do that. Images are an important part of life and impact our physical and mental health. Because I want to help people to live healthy lives, I choose images that promote wellness. Many artists like to focus on shocking and disturbing images in order to make a statement. But I think those images only perpetuate the very thing that is being protested.

Water and Moss by Conny Jasper

IP: What do you want to communicate to your viewers through your artwork?

I seek to communicate a sense of balance and connectedness. There is more to life than a job, a car, a house, and a vacation. We are meant to do so much more than that. Balance and connectedness can help us to expand our awareness and sense of being alive in the world. I want to promote human evolution and do it in a highly creative way.

The Gesture by Conny Jasper

IP: What artistic plans do you have for the near future?

I am expanding my repertoire to create a holistic and comprehensive gallery of offerings. In terms of business, I plan to continue promoting my work, updating my website, and, at some point, offering my wares at fairs, festivals, and markets. I have big plans! Stay tuned!

IP: Well, Conny, that all sounds very exciting! I wish you all the best!

You can contact Conny and learn more about her work through the links below.