Time to Make Art

The Ghost Birds, (c) JoAnn Telemdschinow, 2020

Like many other artists, I have a full time job in the “real world.” I have, for a long time, also accepted that this means that my artmaking has to accommodate the schedule and demands of my job. I do not complain about this fact, but, sometimes, it’s been challenging to give my art the attention it deserves.

Now the Coronavirus has disrupted my work life, as it has that of so many other people.

At first, it’s hard to believe that I now have so much time to work on my art… more than I’ve had for many years! At the same time, it’s also bewildering to suddenly not have the structure of an outside job, and to have to create my own schedule and set my own goals.

I have done my best to keep myself busy. I have been trying out new ideas, such as my photomontages. (See The Ghost Birds above.) It is easier to work on these projects with undivided time and attention, and I’m encouraged by progress that I’ve made. I’ve also been trying to improve my photography skills. This morning, I went out to a local park and took some photos of the blossoming flowers and trees, trying to take shots of things I found interesting. And while not all of them are great photos, I think I’m learning and hopefully bringing fresh things to my work. And I also try to appreciate that I have this opportunity to create art, that I have my good health, and the support of my friends.

Cherry Blossoms, Rutgers Gardens, New Brunswick, (c) JoAnn Telemdschinow, 2020

Like everyone else, I hope that the virus outbreak will go away soon. It’s been a time of anxiety and uncertainty for everyone. I’ve tried to make the best of a totally unexpected and scary situation and make something good of it. Hopefully, we will all come out of it strong and with renewed purpose!