Mystic Messengers: An Interview with Artist Jasper Groat

The Eye of the Wicked, Jasper Groat

Today I’ll be sharing some artwork by Jasper Groat, a 25 year old artist based in Snohomish WA. Jasper creates elegant pen and ink drawings of mystical, otherworldly beings. Recently, I had a chance to ask him a few questions about his art and his creative process.

IP: Firstly, where are you based, and what’s your art background? Have you studied at art school?

Jasper: I am born in the Pacific Northwest, I started to drawing at around age 5 and more seriously at age 11. So far I’ve only taken art classes at high school and community college.

Jasper Groat

IP: What would you say have been the strongest influences on your artwork, either artwise or in other areas?

Jasper: My strongest influence would be a Fairy artist named Brian Froud who sketches and paints what he sees through his heart and through nature. To him, he’s not just drawing “fantasy” but a mirror image of reality!

He was actually a concept artist for two movies called Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal! And throughout his career he has been a illustrator for many books!

Dream Chaser, Jasper Groat

IP: Could you describe the process of how you go from an initial idea to a finished artwork?

Jasper: I immediately go straight from pen to paper just so the idea that’s in my head is already put into light and fruition! I rarely use pencils when drawing because I want my art to appear clean and perfect!

Children of Light, Jasper Groat

IP: Looking at your art, Jasper, I get a strong mystical, symbolic quality from it. What do you want viewers to get from your work?

Jasper: I want them to feel enlightened in some way…to me I see art as equivalent to magic! Even for writing, to cast a spell is simply to spell!

Sun Shaman, Jasper Groat

IP: Finally, what artistic goals or plans do you have for yourself in the future?

Jasper: I am definitely planning on doing more religious themes and even creating a series of Tarot cards in the distant future!

John the Baptist, Jasper Groat

IP: That sounds amazing! I want to thank you for taking the time to talk about your art with me.

See more of Jasper Groat’s artwork at:

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