A Blog Story

Once upon a time, there was an English lit major who was fascinated by art, but who had no idea how to incorporate it into her life. She tried out a couple of jobs, went back to school, and became discouraged. But one day, she discovered Photoshop Elements, and things were never the same…

Yes, that story is about me. I’m JoAnn Telemdschinow, digital collage artist and founder of Imagined Past. I use Photoshop Elements to recombine vintage art and texts to create unique new artworks. I’m inspired by art (I love galleries!), travel, history, and mythology.

I’m launching this blog so that I can share my art and my upcoming projects with you. I also want to introduce you to other creators and their exciting work!

So I’m glad that you’re here! Come along and discover what’s new…

3 thoughts on “A Blog Story

  1. Glad I scrolled far enough down on Art & Artists of NJ to find your blog. So nice to have time to create and check out the corona hotspots where artists can congregate & do what we do best! Create. Imagine & be in love with life in all its mysteries!


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